For many people , the idea of Vulnerability Analysis may seem daunting , or far outside of the scope of knowledge , and I must be honest, for some this is true, however given some pointers I think that we could begin to dissect and synthesize the information and approach necessary to get started.

I chose CVE-2019–0752 because there is adequate information available on the topic and the major vendors have some great information on the topic, also being an aspiring Vulnerability Researcher this could only help me be better.

In most incidents there are artifacts that only the sluthiest…

What is a CTF ?

A CTF is in this case a Cyber application of a military exercise called a Capture The Flag. The goal is for each team to protect thier Flag from the opposing team, through defensive or offense means. This definition is pretty good from the website :“ CTF (Capture The Flag) is a kind of information security competition that challenges contestants to solve a variety of tasks ranging from a scavenger hunt on wikipedia to basic programming exercises, to hacking your way into a server to steal data. In these challenges, the contestant is usually…

The majority of this is going to seem as common sense , but it is not commonplace. It is not absent of common practice because people wish you ill will it is absent for a myriad of purposes. Here we will mention a few but it is in no way to be accepted as the only reasons.

  1. if I proposed a solution and that solution is disregarded , understand that the leadership perhaps was not , ready to receive , execute or your ability to communicate the benefits needs work. …

@jasonadsit you are the inspiration. I'm working on trying to expand my knowledge while helping others meet their goals in this crazy world called cybersecurity. Thanks for the encouragement brother.

This is a photo borrowed from EMO’s secret stash.

Noone would check the exif here

Good morning all,
there is a customer that has contacted us to complete thier mission. Across the internet there is a target organization that focus’ on the profitting from ill-gained intelligence. They have leveraged the Most Advanced Cryptological Security features (MACS) You will compete against countless other professionals attempting to achieve multiple goals but only one will walk away victorious. To win you should achieve the following:
1. Identify the 3 Staff Members of the organization via Twitter or Challenges Solved
2. Monitor or interact with the twitter accounts and leverage social engineering in order to…

Where did this writing come from ?

Well I have a lot of people asking me how to get started in cybersecurity, and how to build a lab or range. I want to help people to try and maintain their motivation as they begin their cyber expedition.

Who helped you and how did you get started ?

Who: Everyone on Stack Exchange, Every professional that told me to learn what the ip stack looked like, 3rdSh1nob1, Oshea Bowens, Blacks in Cybersecurity, Chicago Linux Group , BryanBrake, Chicago Infosec Security Meetup (Michael Atkinson, Ryan Brittain, Evil Joel) , Matthew Fout, Jeremiah Bailey, Andrew Fox, Chris Fointno, Chicago’s Pumping Station One and South Side Hackers (SSH), Defcon and LVBSIDES…

The image below seems to be the source of multiple challenges or maybe the webpage. People keep getting redirected here to solve a challenge of sorts, or maybe a few. Good luck to all of the participants of BIC Winter Summit 2021, #SOCKSBICWC2021CTF

Good Evening, Socks here. As I have been involved in social media and particularly Linked-In I have been offered connection requests from a multitude of valuable and worthwhile individuals, but very few are accepted.

It’s not because you are bad or even offensive in any way, the bottom line is…. I owe my connections the security of knowing that I won’t inadvertently expose them to nuisances often associated with treating LinkedIn like Facebook.

Well, you might be asking yourself what do you mean Socks? this is a professional platform ?! While this may be true, it is also a recruiting…

This is a cross post from my LinkedIn Account Published on April 1, 2020

Good Morning,

Amazing things to report. An apology to those who read and have been keeping up with me via the LinkedIn platform, I haven’t updated the profile as often as initially intended. I imagine like old friends separated by distance, we will pick up as if we never lost contact :).

As I mentioned before, some amazing things happened. I fell under some amazing leadership in the 91st Cyber Brigade and it’s shaping up to be an amazing year. As every organization has its differences…


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